5 Good Reasons for Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Nov 04, 2019
5 Good Reasons for Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Selecting an electrician solely on the estimated price doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best value. By hiring a licensed electrician, you can not only save time, money, and aggravation but possibly even your life. What does it mean to be licensed? It means that an exam has been passed and the necessary qualifications to do the work is guaranteed. So, there are five important things to consider:

  1. Safety always comes first. Go with a company you trust. Electricity is dangerous, and if the work isn’t done correctly, it could lead to a fire. Note: your insurance may not cover you once they discover that the electrician was unlicensed. You risk a lot if you only consider the price.
  2. Time is valuable, and you can’t get it back. Your unlicensed electrician may take longer and do the work incorrectly. You may need to hire a licensed electrician then to do the work over, why pay twice?
  3. Aggravation results when you have no way of holding someone you hired accountably. If the person you hired is unreliable, takes longer than they claimed, or makes mistakes, you have no recourse except to fire the individual and hire a licensed electrician to do the work over.
  4. The cost of getting the job done right may be more in the long run if you try to save money upfront with an unlicensed electrician. What price do you put on your safety? It is better to get the work done right the first time and have peace of mind, knowing that all safety precautions have been taken. Pay a trained professional the first time.
  5. A guaranteed job is your best bet. A licensed electrician must guarantee their work. So, it follows that a licensed electrician takes responsibility for their work. You can be sure that the work has been done correctly and is safe.

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If you are thinking of doing your electrical work yourself, there is an answer to this– don’t do it. As you read above, there are several good reasons for not doing the work yourself, even if you think you have the skills. This work remains the domain of the trained professional. The BC Safety Standards maintain tight, specific rules as to who has the kind of certification and license required to perform electrical work. At Wire-man Electric, we make sure that all the code requirements are met. We also facilitate permits which are required for all but the most minor electrical work.

Finding Electrical Services in Vancouver

Whether you need a Vancouver electrical service that specializes in commercial work or is a residential electric service, the electrical contractor should be a licensed electrician. Wire-Man Electric Ltd provides both and is looking to gain your trust in our quality work and dedication to exceptional service. Just ask our customers.

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