Tips for Hiring Electrical Contractors

Jul 09, 2020
Tips for Hiring Electrical Contractors

How to Find an Expert Electrical Contractor in the Greater Vancouver Area

The phrase “Don’t try this at home” applies here. This work is dangerous if you are not an experienced, expert electrician. Identifying a well-qualified electrician is the actual challenge you face. You might contact a group of electrical contractors, which operate more like a firm of electricians. They may consult with you and supply the electrician that is just right for your job. Plus, when it comes to troubleshooting electrical situations, it is good to have a plan. That is something that an electrical firm is good at.

We Offer Some Tips That Will Help:

  • Know the difference between a general electrician and one that is employed by a firm of contractors. This ensures the best quality work, and you can establish guidelines that will determine exactly what specialized expertise is required.
  • A plan will help you establish the specific type of assistance you need. Then you can begin your search and start qualifying the right kind of expert required.
  • Your acquaintances are great resources for finding out about the performance of electrical contractors that have already been contracted. At least inquire about them. Your acquaintances already have experienced their service and you can get an objective opinion.
  • To avoid losses, make sure that a portion of that report includes information about how timely the job was completed. Time extensions are financially painful for a number of direct and indirect reasons.
  • Make sure that you only deal with firms that provide a free estimate and a guarantee assurance.
  • Check out their certification and license code. Also, insurance papers have to be incorporated before hiring.
  • Finally, as mentioned above, it is dangerous work and requires strict guidelines and certified experts. This will help you avoid mishaps.


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The Cost of Risk

It can actually end up costing you more money, or worse, by trying to do it yourself or hiring someone who is uncertified. A certified professional is going to know ahead of time, by examining your project, what supplies they’ll need, and exactly what the scope of the work will be. What’s more, the work is guaranteed and so will not have to be done over.

We Know the Code

There are requirements set out by the BC standards act. We know all about them. And we stay current with them. These codes stipulate who is qualified to do the work, and the certification and license required. Plus, the act specifies the requirements of the work so that it fully complies with the electrical code.

Wire-Man Electric Is Your Best Choice for Electrical Contractors in Vancouver

Whether your job is an initial installation or a reinstallation, we can handle jobs of all sizes and complexity, from Strata property, commercial or educational campuses, or industrial property, to your own business or residential property.

Our customers are loyal and for good reason. Our most important job is to work closely with them, treat them with respect and fairness, make sure they are well informed and communicate with them clearly.