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Owning a home is a serious business and, as a homeowner, there seems to be a constantly growing list of projects and tasks to keep your house comfortable and functioning. Of course, some are more important than others as they can have a direct impact on the safety of your friends and family. At Wireman Electric LTD, we are well familiar with the risks and hazards of outdated electrical panels and poor electricity within the home. If you are in need of a panel upgrade, that should bump to the top of your home improvement checklist. Look no further than Wireman Electric LTD to handle all of your custom home electrical renovations including your home panel upgrade.

What is an electrical panel?

In simple terms, your home’s electrical panel is what connects outside electricity from your service provider into your home. The panel itself, sometimes called a breaker box or distribution panel, is the main component that allows for your home to have electricity. Depending on a variety of factors, these boxes will need to undergo panel upgrades.

When will I need a home panel upgrade?

Breaker boxes will typically last a good few decades, but that is not the sole indication of when you need a home panel upgrade. Old homes typically operate on a 60 – 100 amp panel, but changes in technology have required most new homes to have 200 amp electrical panels instead. If you live in an older home or do not currently have a 200 amp electrical panel, you should seriously consider installing one to accommodate appliances, computers, and higher energy draws. Further, if your current panel is warm to the touch, smells funny, or trips regularly or your lights flicker, your appliances are running at full capacity, or you utilize a lot of power strips, you may be the perfect candidate for a new electrical panel.

While every home is different, our experts at Wireman Electric LTD have seen it all. If you feel it is time for a panel upgrade, or aren’t sure but want us to take a look, give us a call today. We pride ourselves on both the final product and affordability of our custom home electrical renovations.


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