Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements

At Wire-Man Electric Ltd, we provide electrical improvements for your tenants occupying any commercial, residential, strata and municipal property in the Lower Mainland. Electrical improvements are important to keep your tenants safe and happy. Depending on the type of property, such as for a business or a home, the electrical requirements will vary.

As a landlord or building manager, the safety of your tenants is a priority. It is important to keep your electrical systems and lighting up to code. Our teams of electrical contractors in the Lower Mainland are experts at ensuring your property is up to date with the code, and are ready to provide reliable, affordable and quality workmanship for all of your tenant improvements.

Commercial buildings

Time is money when it comes to your business. Closures, delays and inconveniences all affect your business operations and can be avoidable. Electrical maintenance is often overlooked, which causes many businesses to require emergency services. Prepare for the unexpected by having our electrical contractors routinely check your commercial property and provide solutions before problems arise. Electrical commercial services include electrical rewiring, panel upgrades, indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades, lighting installations and more. Our electrical contractors are specialized in providing electrical improvements with minimal interruption to your clients’ daily business functions.

Strata properties

The rental market is huge in Vancouver and its surrounding area. Staying current and modernizing your strata buildings can help you become more energy efficient and more competitive, which helps your business. Our electrical contractors have decades of experience with strata buildings, from simple maintenance, lighting installations, repairs to complicated building upgrades.

We want to help improve the quality of life of your tenants, and ensure they feel comfortable and at home. Whether you are seeking tenant improvements in a single unit or in a large area, our electrical contractors will arrive in a timely manner, diagnose issues and efficiently tend to your electrical concerns.


Our commercial electricians’ competencies are not restricted to electrical services for strata or office buildings. We also specialize in warehouses, industrial complexes and medical buildings. These facilities are much larger in scale, and their electrical systems are of utmost importance for the safety and security of their tenants. Backup generators, ample lighting, and appropriate outlets are fundamental to ensuring their safety and security. Therefore, let our experts make the appropriate lighting installations, lighting upgrades, panel upgrades and electrical rewiring. We can also help optimize your energy costs in consideration of the size of your facility.

Electrical renovations or new construction, our electrical contractors have really seen it all over the years. Each and every project, large or small, is handled with a high attention to detail and passion. We guarantee our quality workmanship is efficient, reliable and affordable. Contact us at 778-874-6000 to discuss your commercial electrical service needs.


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