Back-Up Generator Install

Backup Generator Packages

The 14,000W Generator with natural gas connection done by others will supply 60A 240V of power while utility service is unavailable. The Automatic transfer switch will automatically transfer power from the utility source to the generator supply. Most often a new dedicated generator panel is installed in the home along with the new transfer switch. It is ideal to have the new panel/transfer switch as close as possible to the original electrical panel.

Install packages for generators vary in pricing but start from $12,500.00 plus tax, and electrical permits that vary. Additional charges that are not included in the electrical scope, Natural Gas or Propane work, drywall/paint repair, roof repair, building envelope repair, and asbestos testing/abatement (required for homes built prior to 1990). Price is subject to a site visit.

Step 1-Prepare Budget:

Send the following information and images to [email protected]:

  1. Full home address
  2. Following Images, Hydro Meter (commonly on the exterior of the home), power connection into your home from a utility source.
  3. Images of the electrical panels in the home and space around the electrical panel (i.e. clear images of the labeling of the panel)
  4. Description of electrical panel layout in accordance with utility meter base
  5. List of items you will like backed up in your home when utility power fails

Step 2: On-Site Visit

  1. Once requested information and images have been sent to us, our team will provide a budget via email.
  2. Once a budget is approved, our team will schedule an onsite visit.
  3. A final quote will be sent once an onsite visit is completed. If that quote is approved, our office will ask for a deposit prior to pulling permits and scheduling.

Step 3: Permits/Scheduling

  1. Permits take up to a week to be issued.
  2. BC hydro scheduling may take up-to two weeks. Once a day has been scheduled, we will inform the customer of the date.

Step 4: Day of Install

  1. Work area must be clear around the electrical panel
  2. Technicians will require the power to be off for 1-2 hours in order to safely complete wiring
  3. Customer is responsible for contracting a gas fitter to provide connection point to generator, however we can refer a contractor
  4. Note customer is responsible for, roof repairs, building envelope repairs, and drywall/paint repairs

generacKEY NOTES:


  1. Additional costs apply for new concrete base for generator or concrete pads
  2. Drywall/paint, concrete, roof, and building envelope repairs are not in electrical budget scope
  3. Homes built prior to 1990 require
  4. Asbestos testing – additional cost


Personal Backup Generators and Backup Generator Installation

Wireman Electric LTD is a relatively young company, but our team of expert electricians has decades worth of experience with installation, repair, and upgrades for all types of buildings. From apartments and homes to offices and parking lots, the professionals at Wireman have worked through it all. Of all the projects we tackle, however, nothing brings us more joy than to improve the homes of our customers. There are countless electrical projects to complete in your home, and we guarantee that Wireman Electric LTD will provide the most efficient and affordable services around. While many home electrical projects revolve around aesthetics, there is one thing that we recommend to all homeowners and that is installing a personal backup generator. Home backup generators allow you to maintain electricity even through major power outages or storm blackouts, and backup generator installation is something we are very comfortable with.

While not every homeowner has one, a home backup generator is a great way to secure some added peace of mind during major thunderstorms, winter blizzards, or high wind events. If you value having reliable electricity in your home or do not want to deal with the hassle of losing power for extended periods of time, then backup generator installation is the only way to go. Personal backup generators are not terribly expensive, and at Wireman Electric LTD we strive to provide the most efficient, effective, and affordable technology and installation in the Vancouver area.

Whether you are looking to install a home backup generator or are simply curious what the procedure would be or what a generator actually provides, give us a call today. Our experts have decades of experience in the field and are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. When the time is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or to schedule an installation. We’re always happy to help!


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