Why Should You Update to LED Lighting

May 05, 2020
Why Should You Update to LED Lighting

LED lighting technology has taken a prominent role in both science and technology over the past years due to the immense benefits for both the environment and end-consumers of illumination products. LED lighting is taking the lead in the lighting market with exponential growth in private and public sector lighting installments.

LED lighting technology has led to better visibility due to its natural, white lighting possibilities. Whereas alternative, more outdated lighting options provide a more dim and yellow light, LED provides a crisp and clear white light imitating natural daylight.

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A significant benefit of LED lighting is its significant financial advantage over other lighting sources. With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, LED lights are market-leading energy savers with benefits for both your wallet and of course the environment.

Traditional fluorescent and HID lighting require a large amount of maintenance. Bulbs and ballasts must be replaced regularly as they work through their comparatively short lifecycles. Not only do the bulbs and ballasts burn out, but sockets and lenses also wear out with a frequent replacement. All of these items add up. Maintenance personnel must be kept on staff or on retainer, and this cost must be added into the overhead calculations for the facility. The significantly longer lifecycle of LED lighting yields significant savings in maintenance costs.

Whether you’re trying to save money, conserve energy, or just keeping up with the latest technology trends—there are many reasons to make the switch to LED lighting.

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