Why Do You Need a EV Car Charger

Nov 04, 2019
Why Do You Need a EV Car Charger

Even if you are still calling friends from a landline telephone and listening to music on cassette tapes, you have to be aware that technology in this world has been advancing at a rapid rate. From cell phones to solar panels there are very few facets of our life that have not been impacting by changes in technology. Driving and car ownership are certainly one of these. Vehicles have been continuously seeing improvements in fuel efficiency and, most recently, electric vehicles seem to be taking the world by storm. Whether you have already adopted this new technology or want to prepare for the future the residential electrical services and commercial electrical services at Wireman Electric have you covered. From private homeowners to businesses, to strata owners, electric car charger installation is something many people are considering and something that Wireman, as the premier provider of electrical services in Greater Vancouver, has plenty of experience with.

Electric Car Charger Installation for Businesses

Pursuing a parkade/parking EV car installation for your business is a great way to add value to your company by demonstrating that you are forward-thinking and always looking to grow and improve as a business. Whether you are pursuing these commercial electrical services for your employees or want to have parkade/parking EV car installation for your customers, this is a great way to show people you care. Even just having the option for the most recent and up to date charging station available is enough to put your business ahead of the competition. If this is something you are considering, contact Wireman Electric to handle all of your EV charger station needs.

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Electric Car Charger Installation for Homes

Just as Wireman Electric has experience in commercial settings, our expert staff is also well practiced with residential electrical services. If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle or want to upgrade your charging station look no further than Wireman. As the best provider of electric services in Greater Vancouver we have a plethora of experience installing and upgrading charging stations for homes all around Vancouver. Not only can you count on us to install your new system professionally and affordably, but we won’t leave until all of your questions are answered. Our passionate staff wants to ensure that you know all there is to know about your charging station and, in this way, we are as many educators as we are electricians!

The future is now, and if you are trying to stay ahead of the technological curve than electric vehicles must certainly be in your radar. The vehicles themselves are only as effective as their charge and charging station so, when it comes to electric car charger installation, trust the professionals. Whether you have questions, would like a quote, or are ready to set up an installation project give us a call. Our expert staff at Wireman Electric is always eager to help!