The Summer Electrical Maintenance

Jul 15, 2021
The Summer Electrical Maintenance

Summertime projects are common among homeowners, but some projects require professional residential electrical services. Electrical work is just too dangerous for someone who isn’t highly trained and licensed.

During the summer, there are more things to be concerned about involving electricity. From utility company brownouts to tripped breakers, or simply over-taxing your grid, this is the season for stress and strain on electrical power.

Think carefully about your electrical use this summer. If you have a summer electrical maintenance routine, it will help you manage the heat and keep costs down. By just shutting off appliances when possible and making sure that everything is secured and connected properly, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and expense.

Proper Summer Maintenance

Generally, everyone taxes their electrical systems during those hot months when it is least able to handle it. Here are some great tips for avoiding putting too much strain on your home’s grid, saving energy, and saving money.

Efficiency and Optimization

  1. Help keep the heat outside by closing blinds and curtains.
  2. Change your air conditioning filter every few months. A dirty filter inhibits airflow.
  3. Unplug devices when not being used, many continue to draw power.
  4. Turn lights off when you leave a room.
  5. Upgrade to energy-efficient systems.
  6. Install programmable thermostats, they control temperature more accurately.
  7. Keep air circulating with ceiling fans.
  8. Air dry your laundry instead of using the dryer.
  9. Use the barbecue instead of oven cooking or use the microwave more often.

Precautions and Prevention

  1. Check all power tool cords and extension cords for damage.
  2. Get an electrician to inspect and tighten all major electrical connections.
  3. Test your smoke alarms and replace batteries if required.
  4. Make sure all outdoor outlets are GFCI protected and weatherproof.

Hire a Professional

Unless you are merely changing a light switch or a fixture, the work should be done by a professional residential electrician. Electrical improvements can enhance your family’s enjoyment of your home and garden, but always be aware that summer has a way of revealing all of the problems as well.

So, as you plan your projects, make sure you include a professional for much of the electrical work. Electrical work is dangerous. It requires the experience and knowledge of a trained electrician. Even an experienced amateur may find much of this work dangerous and difficult. Tens of thousands of people are injured each year by electrical shock. Additionally, you may be risking a dangerous situation in your home if the work is not performed properly.

Many problems may exist behind your walls. A trained and certified electrician can detect problems that you may not have noticed. Regular maintenance is important, especially during those months that tax your electrical system the most.

Make sure to upgrade your lighting fixtures, upgrade or replace your outlets, and upgrade or replace your electrical panel. Or you might think about increasing the capacity of your home electrical system with a new circuit breaker or service panel. These electrical installations should always be performed by electrical companies.

Hire Wireman Electric

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