The Best Way to Clean Light Fixtures

Mar 15, 2021
The Best Way to Clean Light Fixtures

The Best Ways to Clean Light Fixtures

Spring is here, and the time is now to tackle all of those pesky spring cleaning chores. It’s easy to notice the things that need obvious attention – floors, windows, clutter, etc. – don’t forget the more intricate details in your home or office. As the leading provider of electrical services in Vancouver with a team of licensed electricians with years of electric repair under their belts, the experts at Wireman Electric always have our eyes toward home electrical cleaning when the spring weather hits. While our electrical services are better suited for electrical improvements, residential electrical installation, and electric repair we can’t help but offer some advice when it comes to cleaning light fixtures. Check out some of our tips below for the best ways to clean light fixtures in your home or office.

Don’t forget to Let Light Bulbs Cool

No matter the light fixture you are cleaning, be sure to turn it off and let it cool for at least half an hour before moving into dust and deep clean. Rushing this step of the process could have you calling for a medical team instead of an electric company for help!


Use Dish Soap and Microfiber for Most Fixtures

The best way to clean the majority of light fixtures is actually quite simple: use a microfiber cloth and a bit of dish soap. The microfiber cloth works well to remove dust from bulbs and fixtures, and if you need to go deeper remove the fixture from the ceiling or wall. After removing the fixture itself, let it soak in soapy dishwater for 10 minutes, rinse, dry, and wipe with the microfiber cloth to return your light to its glory days.

Be Extra Cautious with Frosted or Etched Glass

If you are cleaning an etched glass or frosted light fixture, you can follow the same process as above but be sure to exercise even more care. Dish soap and warm water work well, but a 3:1 water/vinegar solution is an even better way to cautiously spot clean with a microfiber to avoid creating any unwanted scratches.

Use Home Remedies for Antique Brass Fixtures

If you are fortunate enough to have antique brass light fixtures in your home, tap into some home remedies to make them shine once again. Some swear that applying a thin layer of tomato sauce to the fixture, letting it sit for an hour, rubbing it off with a soft cloth, and rinsing with soapy water is the best way to do it. Others approach dirty brass fixtures by wiping them with a half lemon sprinkled with salt, letting it sit, and wiping clean/buffing with a soft cloth.

As the leading provider of electrical services in Vancouver, the licensed electrician team at Wireman Electric can’t help but get excited about sprucing up electrical features when the topic of conversation switches to spring cleaning. Whether you are seeking out more cleaning tips, electrical improvements, electric repair, or any other home electrical services give the experts at Wireman Electric a call today. We’re always happy to help!