The Best Lighting for Bathrooms with No Windows

Jan 07, 2021
The Best Lighting for Bathrooms with No Windows

The Best Lighting for Bathrooms with No Windows

Many homeowners pine for homes with ample natural lighting, with big picture windows with excellent sun exposure to light up an entire room. While this may be the dream, it is not always the reality. And when it comes to bathrooms, it is often difficult to find a home with ample natural light in the most private of places. The licensed electricians at Wireman Electric have helped countless homeowners improve their bathroom lighting situation through both innovative and time tested solutions. As the leading provider of residential electrical services in Vancouver, it should come as no surprise that our residential electrician team is a local favourite when it comes to improving the lighting in your bathroom. We deliver quality products at affordable electrical contractor rates and are always eager to use our skills to help improve the lighting in your home. Here are some solid solutions to improve the lighting in your bathroom without windows.

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Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Residential electricians will have many fixture ideas when it comes to your bathroom, all of which will improve your lighting aesthetic. Near flush ceiling fixtures are a great way to increase light without compromising space in a small room. Recessed lighting, however, may not be a great choice for your bathroom as many licensed electricians will be concerned about excess moisture bleeding into your ceiling. When it comes to your vanity, consider sidelights on your mirror to better illuminate the reflection. Overhead lights above the vanity will provide added brightness but may create unwanted shadows. Most residential electrical services will have a slew of ideas when it comes to vanity lighting, and ultimately it will be up to you to choose the style you are hoping for.

Lightbulb Brightness

Most bulbs in your house will be approximately 800 lumens – similar to that of a standard 60-watt bulb. When it comes to windowless bathrooms, consider upping that brightness to at least 2,000 lumens. The lack of natural light in bathrooms will create a dark space, but if you choose bulbs with more brightness – or incorporate multi-bulb fixtures – you will soon forget you have a windowless bathroom at all.

Bulb Types

When it comes to residential electrical services, you generally have three main bulb types to choose from. Halogen incandescent, fluorescent, and LEDs make up the majority of residential lighting systems. The irregularity and constant on and off of bathroom lights are not good for fluorescent bulbs, and halogen incandescent bulbs do not have the lifespan or energy efficiency of their LED cousins. If you have a windowless bathroom, one of the easiest ways to add brightness is a simple LED lighting upgrade.

Everyone wants big windows and natural light in their home, but that can be difficult to achieve in a bathroom. Thankfully for you, Wireman Electric is here to help. With some of the best electrical contractor rates around – and an experienced team here for you – there’s no time like the present for an upgrade. Give us a call to request a quote or schedule an appointment today!