Electrical Hazards at Home

Jul 27, 2022
Electrical Hazards at Home

Electrical Safety is Important Since all of us use electrical power in our homes, we need to practice electrical safety. The cost to human life and property is too great a risk to ignore. Wireman Electric cares about the safety of our customers. We want to provide you with some basic safety tips to protect […]

Jun 20, 2022
How to Stay Cool & Save Electricity This Summer?

How to Stay Cool This Summer Hot weather is ahead of us, make no mistake. We live in a wonderful place and there is so much to see, the forest, the beach, and the rivers and streams. However, when it gets too hot and or it’s time to rest most of us go inside. This […]

Home electrical work
May 18, 2022
How Do You Plan For a Full House Electrical Rewire?

No home electrical repair is something to be taken lightly. While there are many home improvement projects that you can handle on your own, hiring a Vancouver electrician and professional residential electrical services company is the best way to stay safe and be assured that your project is completed in a timely and affordable manner. […]

Commercial electricians
Apr 13, 2022
Cost Saving Electrical Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Managing a commercial building or business is no easy task. Between routine maintenance to major renovations and repairs, it seems like the to-do list for bills and projects never seems to get shorter. At Wireman Electric – Vancouver’s leading provider of commercial electrical service – we understand the challenges and are here to help. Our […]

Mar 15, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Spring Electrical Maintenance

Your home’s electrical system is an extremely vital component. It needs to be routinely maintained and cared for. Although a thorough electrical inspection should be done by a professional, there is some maintenance you can do to maintain a healthy electrical system. One of the best ways to protect your family and your property is […]

Feb 16, 2022
Electrical Regulations Your Vancouver Business Should Know About

There are countless things to think about when it comes to running a business, not the least of which are the utilities that help keep your building running. While some of these items are fine to handle on your own, professional commercial electrical services are here to handle the technical and dangerous world of electricity. […]

Electrician: Save money
Feb 02, 2022
How You Can Save Money When Hiring Electrical Contractors

While it can be fun and rewarding to tackle home or business improvement projects on your own, you should always hire a professional Vancouver electrician to handle any upgrades or repairs needed to your electrical system. As one of the top electrical companies in Vancouver, the experts at Wireman Electric have seen what happens when […]

EV charger
Nov 18, 2021
Top Questions About Installations of Electric Car Chargers in Vancouver

Top Questions about Installations of Electric Car Chargers in Vancouver The electric vehicle revolution is upon us! As more vehicles enter the market and more consumers transition to this new and exciting mode of transportation, there is an increasing need for car chargers and EV charger installation. If you are considering purchasing an electric car […]

Alair - Kitchen-1979
Dec 15, 2021
Why Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Wiring

Why Upgrade your Home’s Electrical Wiring As the leading electrical services provider in Vancouver, nobody understands the importance of electrical rewiring more than the electrical contractors and home electrician team. While residential wiring may primarily be “out of sight, out of mind,” keeping your home’s electrical wiring up to date is a critical task for […]

Sep 15, 2021
Lighting and Electrical Considerations for Vancouver Home Renovation

If you are planning a Vancouver home renovation, and hope to include electrical repair or electrical services in your project, you will want to hire a certified electrical technician and a team of residential electrical contractors to handle that aspect of your project for you. Electricity is not to be taken lightly, as it can […]

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