Licensed Electrician Tips: Home Electrical Safety for Winter

Dec 22, 2020
Licensed Electrician Tips: Home Electrical Safety for Winter

Licensed Electrician Tips: Home Electrical Safety for Winter

As the seasons change, there are countless things to prepare for. The certified electricians and electrical contractors at the best electric company in Vancouver have all eyes on electrical repairs and winter safety. As leaders in local residential electrical services and commercial electrical services, the certified electricians at Wireman Electric can handle all of your residential electrical installation, a panel upgrade, and electrical repair needs. More than that, however, we want to ensure client safety. As the seasons begin to change, here are a few electrical safety tips for winter provided by Vancouver’s top electrical company.

Prepare for Power Outages

Given the weather’s harshness, the winter season is responsible for more power outages than the rest of the year. If a power outage were to hit your home, it is best to be prepared ahead of time. Our expert electrical contractors recommend having an emergency kit packed just in case – which should include headlamps and flashlights for the entire family. Depending on your personal situation, backup generators can be a major help during a power outage. Before winter hits, take the time to make sure they are working and that all routine maintenance is completed by a residential electrician or electrical contractor. If you decide to use candles during a power outage – which can be equal parts beautiful and helpful – be extra careful about where you place them, and don’t forget to blow them out when finished!


With winter comes colder temperatures. With colder temperatures comes an increased need to use heaters. When running your heater, make sure any flammable items are kept a safe distance away. This is especially important when running a portable space heater. Similar to candles, be sure to turn space heaters off when not using them. An unattended heater can be a major fire hazard.

winter lighting


Holiday Decorations

Arguably the most fun safety risk associated with the winter season is the holiday decorations that pop up in Vancouver neighbourhoods. If you, too, plan on decorating your home, be careful not to overload your outlets. Be cautious when installing exterior decorations up high in trees or on your roof. Carefully place your Christmas tree in a safe corner of your home away from other fire hazards. By following these steps, you can help ensure a hazard-free holiday season.

Avoid Down Power Lines

Down power lines can be another casualty of winter weather – especially big wind and ice storms. Aside from calling an emergency number to report it, there is nothing you can, or should, do if you come across a down power line. The best practice is to actively avoid the hazard and give the down electrical wire plenty of space. A responding electric company with certified electricians will handle the problem.

Winter is here, and with it comes a number of added electrical risks. Thankfully most of these hazards are easy to avoid or prepare for. Whether you have a lingering electrical repair to finish before winter hits or are looking for some more seasonal safety tips, give Wireman Electric a call today. Our passionate and professional staff is always here for you.