How to Tell Your Parking Lot Lights Need Replacing

Feb 08, 2021
How to Tell Your Parking Lot Lights Need Replacing

How to Tell Your Parking Lot Lights Need Replacing

When it comes to commercial electrical services, Wireman Electric has you covered. Our team of licensed electricians has decades of experience and, as an electrical services provider, we boast some of the most affordable electrical contractor rates around. While most businesses could benefit from electrical repair or upgrades in many parts of their building, the parking lot is one area that is often overlooked. It may not seem it, but adequate parking lot lighting is essential to ensure the safety and security of your business and its staff and patrons. Unsure if your parking lot lighting needs replacing by a licensed electrician? Here are three telltale signs that it is time for an upgrade.

You are Constantly Replacing Lightbulbs

Because parking lot lighting is typically only on at night, you should not have to replace bulbs too frequently. If you find yourself digging into the utility closet to replace bulbs more often than seems normal, it is probably time to hire a licensed electrician to identify a bigger underlying issue in the wiring.

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You are Not Using Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

If your parking lot lighting system is still operating with halogen or incandescent lightbulbs, it is time for an LED lighting upgrade. Not only will an LED lighting upgrade increase your energy efficiency – in turn reducing utility bills – but LED lights also last much longer than standard bulbs so you will not have to replace them as often.

You Have Concerns over Rising Crime

Whether you have seen rising crime at your business or in your neighbourhood or simply have concerns about the potential, parking lot lights can serve as your first line of defense against potential perpetrators. Well lit parking lots deter all types of criminals, and the electrical services team at Wireman Electric has years of experience improving the overall safety of businesses across the Greater Vancouver Area. While private security guards and expensive security systems surely serve their purpose in protecting your business, something as simple as a parking lot lighting upgrade may be all you need to keep criminals at bay.

There is a lot to consider when owning or managing a business, and seemingly small details like adequate parking lot lighting can easily go overlooked. At Wireman Electric, we urge you to not make that mistake! Lighting upgrades can go a long way in improving efficiency, reducing cost, and increasing safety in your business. If you feel it is time you upgrade your parking lot lighting, give the experts at Wireman Electric a call today. Our team is always here for you!