How to Stay Cool & Save Electricity This Summer?

Jun 20, 2022
How to Stay Cool & Save Electricity This Summer?


How to Stay Cool This Summer

Hot weather is ahead of us, make no mistake. We live in a wonderful place and there is so much to see, the forest, the beach, and the rivers and streams. However, when it gets too hot and or it’s time to rest most of us go inside. This is when we rely on our electric systems to stay cool.

The combination of extreme heat and humidity leads to a range of human health impacts, including the potential for fatalities. Naturally, some will question whether heat waves are the result of human-caused climate change. Whether it is or not does not, does not discount our need to protect ourselves.

Tips for Energy Saving Energy While Staying Cool

There is some maintenance you can do to maintain a healthy electrical system; it is an extremely vital component. Your home’s electrical system is extremely important for your well-being. It needs to be routinely maintained and cared for.

Here are some basic steps you can take:

  1. Keep your windows and shades shut during the day and open them during the night. The cooler air will ventilate through your house at night, and you can trap that air during the day.
  2. Turn your lights off whenever they are not in use. A significant portion of that energy is converted into heat. Incandescent bulbs convert about 80% to 90% of their output into heat.
  3. Turn off your air conditioning when you aren’t home. You don’t need to keep your home cold when you aren’t there. This could dramatically decrease your bill.
  4. Go outside to exercise. You don’t need a treadmill or stationary bike. Enjoy the summer day or evening. When you’re outside there is far less pull on the air conditioner to keep things cool.
  5. Don’t do your dishes or your laundry until, the cool of the evening or in the morning. The reason is that during these hours, your home is using less energy to cool the house. This means that more is available. If you want to stay cool and stay under budget, this is well worth observing.
  6. Hire an electrician to check out if your wiring is adequate to support your air conditioning system. Blowing a fuse or having an electrical system fire is not cool or cooling!

Each one of these steps individually might not make a big difference, but together they are greater than the sum of their parts. If you can remember to follow all these tips, you’re sure to notice a significant difference in your electricity usage, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

There are several things you can do to reduce your energy usage. Even things that don’t take a lot of engineering, like closing your windows or blinds. You can turn off lights when not in use or think about the number of hours your air conditioner is on.

Hire an Electrician and Stay Cool

Wire-Man Electric wants to keep you safe and in good operating order with a way to stay cool and keep your bills low this summer. Our experienced electricians serve Greater Vancouver and extend our services to Vancouver Island. Contact Wireman Electric and get a free quote.