Home Office Electrical Setup Tips

May 12, 2021
Home Office Electrical Setup Tips

Home Office Electrical Setup Tips

We are in the midst of a work from home revolution, and even as the threat of COVID-19 slowly starts to subside an increasing amount of workers are expecting to continue working from their new home office setups at least a few days each week. There is a lot to consider to truly maximize the potential of a home office, not the least of which are the residential electrical services fueling your home and how you manage them in your workspace. At Wireman Electric, our experienced team of electrical contractors are here for you and has worked tirelessly to cement our reputation as the premier provider of residential electrical services in Vancouver. With affordable electrical contractor rates and professionalism and passion to back up our work, you will be hard-pressed to find a better team to help with your home office electrical setup. While each home workspace is different, below are a few tips to get you thinking.

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Don’t Skimp on Outlets

A common mistake we see in home offices is homeowners shortchanging the number of electrical outlets they think they will need. There will be a considerable draw to your electrical services if you plan on fully transferring your office to your home. From computers and extra monitors to printers, lights, and other accessories your electrical draw will quickly add up. You can easily improve efficiency and eliminate headaches by overshooting the number of outlets you think you may need.

Plan Ahead and Design for Comfort

Just because you are creating a workspace does not mean you need to compromise comfort. From thoughtfully considering layout and placing outlets accordingly to considering creative electric heating and cooling solutions, your personal comfort should be at the front of your mind as you set up your home workspace.

Utilize Surge Protectors

When setting up your home office, utilize surge protectors to help protect any sensitive electronics from losing power without warning. Our residential electrician team is always happy to provide recommendations if you would like!

Use Hardwired Internet when Possible

While the convenience of WiFi is hard to beat, the speed and reliability of hardwired Internet is a necessity in a work-from-home environment. Utilizing this can be as simple as rerouting your current home internet situation to be based out of your office, or creating an Internet plan separate from that of the rest of your home. The electrical contractors at Wireman Electric are not IT professionals, but we can certainly help with the logistics and wiring when it comes to maximizing your online potential.

With combined decades of experience, the residential electrician team at Wireman Electric is well suited to handle all of your home electrical services needs. From our electrical repair service to helping with LED lighting upgrades, there is no job too large or too small. Time and time again we have proven to be able to adapt to a changing world, the most recent changes coming with the work from home revolution. Whether you need to adjust your home office or create one from the ground up, the electrical contractors at Wireman Electric are here for you.