Be Prepared: Have a Generator Installed

Feb 18, 2021
Be Prepared: Have a Generator Installed

Be Prepared: Have a Generator Installed

You can never be too prepared, and when it comes to the electricity of your home or office there is no better way to do so than by hiring a generator electrician and pursuing generator installation. Depending on the offerings of your business, or the need for electricity in your home, an emergency generator could very well be an essential piece of equipment. Thankfully our team of general electricians, residential electricians, and generator electricians at Wireman Electric are here for you. As the local leaders in residential electrical services with some of the most affordable electrical contractor rates available, you can trust the professionals at Wireman Electric to steer you in the right direction when it comes to generator installation. Unsure if a generator is right for you? Read on to discover more.

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What is a generator and how do they work?

In the simplest terms, generators are designed to serve as a power source when a local blackout prevents standard electricity from reaching your home or business. From an operations standpoint, you can think of a generator kind of like a car engine. Using batteries, fuel, and an alternator, generators convert mechanical energy to usable electricity in the case of a blackout from the grid. When the standard electricity source returns, the backup generator can be put back to sleep – either manually or automatically depending on the type.

What are the different types of generators?

Generators come in all shapes and sizes and can provide all levels of power to a home or business. To simplify things, though, many generator electricians differentiate between portable and standby generators. Portable generators are smaller, easier to move, and generally powered by gasoline. In the case of a blackout, these generators must be started manually and you can select what items in your home you want to prioritize in terms of maintaining power.

Standby generators are a step above portable generators. A residential electrician or generator electrician will permanently install a standby generator outside of your home, and they will automatically kick on when a power outage strikes. These generators are typically powered by natural gas or propane – as opposed to gasoline – and are generally plumbed directly into existing utilities. Similar to portable generators, you can either prioritize what should receive electricity or have the generator power your entire home until the grid is back up and running.

It’s never too late to prepare for the unexpected, and generator installation is a sure-fire way to guarantee you are best prepared for the major inconvenience of a power outage. As the local leaders in residential electrical services with the most affordable electrical contractor rates around, give the experts at Wireman Electric a call today. Our team of residential electricians and general electricians is always eager to help homeowners improve their systems and preparedness when it comes to electricity.