5 Electrical Tips to Help You Build a Home in Vancouver

Aug 16, 2021
5 Electrical Tips to Help You Build a Home in Vancouver

There are an incredible amount of things to consider when building a home in Vancouver. Many of these challenges can be fun and rewarding to tackle yourself, but when it comes to electrical installations it is always wise to work with residential electrical contractors. Of all the systems and projects in a new home, electrical work provides the greatest chance for error and the highest risk for serious injury or even death. Hiring a residential electrician is the easiest way to guarantee a quality job completion and also your personal safety, and when seeking residential electrical contractors why settle for anything but the best? With decades of experience and a caring and passionate staff, the experts at Wireman Electric have worked tirelessly to cement our reputation as the leading provider of electrical repairs and electrical services in Vancouver. As you prepare for upcoming electrical installations in your new home, here are five things to consider.

Power Usage

As you plan for your electrical installations it is critical to consider how much power you anticipate using in your new home. If you are technologically motivated and plan on having many electrical conveniences that will draw on your system, work with your residential electrical contractors to ensure that the system they set up can support your needs.

Energy Efficiency

It is becoming much easier to incorporate energy efficiency into new home design, and if that is something of interest be sure to address that with your residential electrician early on in the planning process. From smart systems that reduce energy use to new efficient appliances, there are many ways to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home, and no one is more familiar with them than the residential electrician team at Wireman Electric.

Outlet and Switch Location

As you create the floor plan for your new home, don’t forget to consider locations for all light switches and outlets. Having a good idea of where you would like these critical components will help electricians create an electrical layout for your home. Remember it is much easier to install things like outlets and switches at the beginning of a project than at the end, and it is always better to overestimate your needs than underestimate them.

Specialty Switches

While it may seem novel, make sure to put some consideration into the types of light switches you wish to incorporate into your new home. Dimmer switches, for example, can add a lot of ambiance and class to your home but may impact the type of wiring you will need. If you intend to include any specialty light switches in your home, be sure to speak with residential electrical contractors first!

Don’t forget the Exterior

It is easy to get caught up in the details of planning for your home’s interior electrical needs, but don’t forget the exterior! Things like porch and backyard lighting and strategic outlet placement are critical for maximizing your home’s outdoor space, and they deserve proper consideration!

When it comes to electrical repairs and electrical installations, look no further than Wireman Electric – the leading provider of electrical services in Vancouver. As you prepare to build your new home, spend some time pondering the above electrical considerations and give us a call today for any additional advice, quotes, or to schedule an appointment. Our experts are here for you!