3 Vital Reasons for Hiring Professional Electricians for Your Home Renovation

Feb 15, 2018
3 Vital Reasons for Hiring Professional Electricians for Your Home Renovation

Looking to finish a basement or add an extra bedroom? Home renovation projects can be expensive, so it can make sense for you to do some of the work yourself. With some types of renovation — such as a paint job or a drywall installation — the worst that can happen is you’ll be stuck with an eyesore when it’s done. But it’s not lethal. Electrical upgrades are different. Mess up on an electrical installation and you risk fire, injury, or even death.

There’s only one general rule when it comes to do-it-yourself electrical upgrades: “Don’t.” There are solid reasons for hiring professional electricians for your home renovation, as opposed to doing it yourself:


The phrase “If you see a chance, take it” does not apply to do-it-yourself electrical work. Just because a line is already there doesn’t mean you can add on to it. Circuits for bathroom plugs, kitchen counter plugs, or refrigerators, and some other circuits are meant to be completely isolated. Overloading them is dangerous. Adding a complete room or two on an existing circuit can also create an overload danger. Nothing electrical should be left to guesswork. Everything best left in the hands of certified professionals like Wire-Man Electric. We know “when to” and “when not to” when it comes to upgrades associated with home renovations. (And for new construction, too, when the time comes.)

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Electrical Code Knowledge

We’re smart on the requirements set out by the BC Safety Standards Act. This act is updated regularly and provides tight, specific rules as to who can perform electrical work, what kind of certification they need, and the licenses required. The act also lays out detailed requirements to ensure everything is done according to the electrical code. It’s our job to ensure everything’s “up to code” on every project.

The “electrical code,” is actually three complementary codes: national, provincial, and local. Making sure all code requirements are met includes keeping abreast of each jurisdiction’s regular bulletins and advisories on electrical regulations. Generally speaking, permits are required for all but the most minor electrical work. The myriad of regulations sometimes seems confusing. But their goal is simple: to prevent injuries and save lives.


Do-it-yourself electrical upgrades carry a real risk of actually costing you more money than paying certified professionals to do it. Homeowners often end up calling a certified professional electrician in order to fix their mistakes. They pay for the supplies and put in their own time, only to have to pay again for professional installation. And hopefully, their do-it-yourself project hasn’t caused injury or fire– along with the associated personal grief and financial costs. Avoid the unpleasant experience of paying twice by getting a professional upgrade the first time.

The bottom line is: whether you’re building or renovating, it’s important to stay away from do-it-yourself electrical installation or repairs. Not all electricians offer installations and upgrades associated with home renovations. Some focus on new construction or other specialized work only. So, when you’re looking for professional electricians to take care of the electrical portion of your renovation, make sure it’s clearly an area that they specialize in.

Some electricians, like Wire-Man Electric, provide a broad scope of services, including electrical work for renovations. Affordable pricing. reliability and customer service are three areas in which we strive to excel. We’re a newer company but we’re both savvy and knowledgeable about renovation-related upgrades, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Wire-Man Electric Ltd.’s team has over twenty years of combined professional experience to get the electrical portion of your home’s renovation project done safely. Call us at 778-874-6000. You can also leave us a message on our website’s contact form and we’ll get back to you quickly.