3 Top Commercial Lighting Trends for 2020

Sep 09, 2020
3 Top Commercial Lighting Trends for 2020

By definition, trends are always changing and evolving, and this can be a real challenge for homeowners trying to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology and ideas on the market. If you are about to tackle a big renovation, or perhaps preparing your home to sell, it can be a good idea to do so in the most current and fashionable way. At Wireman Electric, our electrical services team strives to stay ahead of the curve and is always ready and prepared for the newest trends to hit the residential and commercial lighting world. As we move through 2020, the top Vancouver electricians have noted the increasing popularity of these three commercial lighting trends. If an electrical project is on your radar consider hiring an electrical contractor from Wireman Electric to ensure that you, too, are staying current with the latest trends.

Energy Efficiency is a Top Priority

As it has been in recent years, our Vancouver electricians have noted that energy efficiency is still a top priority for many commercial lighting projects. From climate change to cutting costs, commercial services and businesses have found the motivation to reduce energy consumption through efficient electrical alternatives. Our electrical services team at Wireman Electric is well versed in sustainable building practices and especially the role of electricity usage in helping organizations meet their sustainability goals.

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Increase in Smart Components

From lighting to heating to tracking business progress and production, there has been a definite move toward smart technology for organizations reworking their electrical services. As smart technology has improved and become increasingly user-friendly and efficient, we have seen representatives from virtually all commercial services jump on board – especially with the more comfortable smart lighting options available on the market. Technology is only going to improve, and we envision this trend to continue and even expand in the coming years. Our professional electrical contractor team is excited and prepared for the smart tech revolution.

A Renewed Focus on the Workforce

Many businesses and organizations have shifted their culture in the past few years to focus more on their workforce, and we are starting to see that get reflected in electrical renovations and upgrades. Companies are devoting energy and resources to appropriately illuminate workspaces in ways that promote both efficiency and the health and well being of the staff. This includes installing lights that mimic a natural 24 hour light cycle and intentionally choosing the style, brightness, and location of light fixtures to best support the affected workforce.

If you are considering a commercial lighting overhaul, renovation, or upgrade look no further than Wireman Electric. No project is too large or too small for our expert team of contractors, and we strive to stay on top of the current lighting trends. Give our office a call to discuss your hopes, desires, or project ideas – our passionate staff is always excited to discuss how we can play a role in your project to improve your workspace or home renovation opportunity!