Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Installation

When it comes to owning a home, safety should always come first and, as a homeowner, you have direct control over much of that. There are countless things that could harm you in a home, and ultimately it is up to you to identify and fix these problems. Two of the easiest items to overlook when it comes to home safety are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Thankfully, smoke alarm installation is quick and easy and any electrical service or residential service can complete it for you. However, after your carbon monoxide or smoke alarm installation, there are some things you can do to stay current with these life-saving devices. What follows is a more thorough examination of the ins and outs of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Smoke Detectors

For something as simple as a smoke detector, there are many little things to make note of. First and foremost, smoke detectors will not last a lifetime. The average lifespan of these little life-saving devices is ten years, and they should be replaced that regularly. Oftentimes an old smoke detector will still sound when the test button is pushed or when you replace the batteries, but the fact is that an old smoke detector will not provide the same level of warning and protection as a new one. The sensors that are actually doing the detecting, in particular, become worn out over time. If you think yours may be over a decade old, it is probably time to schedule a smoke alarm installation.

As a homeowner, you should be testing your smoke alarms monthly. You can easily do this on your own without the help of an electrical service or residential service by simply hitting the test button and listening for the loud beep. At least once each year you should consider intentionally bringing a small amount of smoke (a candle, incense, etc.) near the sensors on the side of the alarm to make sure the alarm can be triggered naturally as well. If it does not go off, and the batteries are still functional, it is likely time for a new alarm.

When it comes to smoke alarm installation, you should strongly consider having your electrical service install one in every bedroom, the hallways near the bedrooms, in or near the kitchen, and at the top of any sets of stairs – with at least one on every floor of your home. In addition to these places, any other rooms with a high risk of fire hazard (laundry rooms, garages, attics, etc.) are also great candidates for smoke detectors. Most fires happen at night and most tragedies surrounding home fires happen to people who are sleeping. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to have smoke detectors installed in or near every bedroom. Fires spread quickly, and even just a few added minutes of warning could spell the difference between life and death for your family.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Similar to smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors also have a lifespan – this time of 5 – 7 years. Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas that can infiltrate your home through malfunctioning gas appliances, heaters, chimneys, or anywhere else that propane, kerosene, gasoline, oil, natural gas, or wood is not completely burned. Because it is impossible to detect as a human, this deadly gas claims hundreds of people a year further emphasizing the importance of carbon monoxide detectors. Like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors typically include batteries that serve as a backup source of power. You should install fresh batteries once a year to be cautious. If you are in the market for a new carbon monoxide detector, try one with a digital display screen so you can monitor the level of carbon monoxide in your home over time to help preventatively catch any developing problems. Again similar to smoke detectors, it is good practice to have at least one carbon monoxide detector installed on each level of your home.

While fires are noticeable carbon monoxide is not and so, if your alarm sounds, you should get to fresh air immediately. Call your local fire department and don’t return indoors until they arrive, your home has been aired out, and the alarm does not sound again. If your alarm signals once more in a twenty-four hour period, repeat the steps above but get a qualified residential services technician over to identify the underlying carbon monoxide issue. Ideally, it will be a quick fix that could save you and your family from an unexpected tragedy down the line.

Properly functioning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are not to be taken lightly and, as a homeowner, much of the responsibility falls on you to make sure they are working properly, replaced regularly, and maintained thoroughly. For the larger installations and projects or with any more specific questions, though, please reach out to Wireman Electric. We are here for you and love nothing more than bringing a little bit of added safety and security to our clients’ households.



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