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Medical and Dental LED Lighting

Countless pieces need to come together to make a medical clinic, hospital, or dentist’s office a high functioning provider of quality healthcare. Of course a caring and professional staff is paramount, but there are many other items that perhaps go unnoticed by the average patient or visitor. Our commercial electricians at Wireman Electric LTD, we like to think that we play a large role in the quality of service that a medical center can provide. Proper lighting and LED lighting upgrades are of the utmost importance when providing clinical care to patients. Whether you are building a new clinic and exploring different lighting options or are shopping around for traditional lighting upgrades or LED lighting upgrades for your existing building, our team of commercial electricians are here to help.

As with most buildings, the lighting in medical facilities can be broken into a few categories. Ambient lighting provides the immediate source of light for a room. Task lighting, especially important in the clinical setting, gives more focused light to areas where professionals are working hardest. Accent lighting provides added ambiance and can be a welcome addition to a perhaps otherwise unenjoyable waiting room experience. Each category can be a great candidate for lighting upgrades in your medical or dental facility, and ultimately it is up to you and the team at Wireman Electric LTD to choose the best fit. From an operations standpoint it is always best to focus on the most important aspect of a business and, as such, devoting money and resources to LED lighting upgrades where surgeries or procedures are being conducted should be the top priority. Initiating lighting upgrades to your ambient and task lighting features will have a direct impact on the patient experience and outcome.

The team at Wireman Electric LTD has years of experience installing and upgrading lighting in medical facilities and will rely on past projects to ensure that your building has the most up to date and highest functioning lighting features on the market. Contact us with any questions, to request a quote, or to schedule your LED lighting upgrades today.



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