Upgrade with Style: 5 Trends in Lighting Fixtures

Apr 15, 2018
Upgrade with Style: 5 Trends in Lighting Fixtures

There are many reasons to upgrade your lighting at home. Improved technology, combined with long-term cost savings make lighting upgrades an easy decision. But there are even more reasons. People are coming to realize the power of lighting in creating ambiance for a particular room or location– including outdoors. Lighting affects how we feel. All lighting is mood lighting!

A huge trend in lighting is the move to LED, mainly for long-term cost savings. The lifespan of an LED light is over more than 60,000 hours (nearly 7 years). Compare that to 1,000 hours for a similar incandescent light bulb. In addition to long-term cost savings, the variety of LED-friendly lighting fixtures allows for endless creativity in design.

The lighting world is resplendent with choices: multiple colours, variable brightness, and a myriad of bulb and fixture styles. These are the days of diversity in lighting fixtures: From minimalist to big and bold. But where to start? And where to best utilize those new fixtures?

As you plan your upgrade, here are five current trends to consider.

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1. Minimalist look, maximum effect

Intricate designs aren’t out of the lighting picture, but they don’t always fit within minimalist-style decors. Simpler, neutral-colour, cleaner lighting designs are currently in vogue. You can work them efficiently into almost any room. Simple designs are gaining popularity as reading lamps, overhead lights and accent pieces. But, even subtle fixture styles “speak” well on their own, whispering “Look at me.”

2. Bigger is better, in the right places

Although the minimalist trend is rising, sometimes it’s fun to upgrade to big and bold—in some areas. Upgrade to some “wow” with one or two ornate designs. Maybe a large pendant fixture over your kitchen island, dining table or entry. In larger rooms, some smaller but ornate fixtures around the room create some nice overall ambiance.

3. Fifty shades of what-colour-is-that?

Homeowners have gone crazy for soft colours such as grey and greige and soft gold, which is somewhere in the middle of brushed silver and brushed gold. These colours are compatible with almost any kind of décor. These soft-coloured fixtures are usually used as an attention-drawing feature to specific corners or areas of living rooms. “Bright and brassy” reading lights have mostly fallen out of vogue, but soft gold matte-finish lamps to illuminate reading chairs and shelves are a current favourite.

4. Edison-Style

We’ve come to associated upgrades to LED lighting with a brighter, daylight look. But not far into the LED trend, we’re already starting to miss the soft, warm glow of the lowly incandescent lamp. Good news! You can get the look and feel of an incandescent with an LED variation of the classic cone-shaped Edison-style bulb. It’s a popular fixture in living areas and kitchens.

5. Industrial / Retro comeback

If neutral-colour metal industrial lighting doesn’t strike you as appealing for your home, have a closer look. The rich and varied tones of the new “industrial” or “retro” fixtures have also taken on finer details, making them more like a form of art. They also fit great with almost any décor. Consider upgrading to modern retro lighting as a creative twist in your kitchen’s work and dining areas. Do you have feature walls, shelves or art pieces you’d like to highlight? Voila! Shed some stylish light on it.

What’s your style?

If you’re renovating or building, or just looking to create new ambiance in a particular room, don’t underestimate the power of light– and lighting design. As you upgrade your home’s lighting, get creative and personalize the above trends to your home. At Wireman Electric, we’ll not only provide your lighting upgrade efficiently– we’ll help you with lighting styles, too. Give us a call at 778-200-0573 or message us here.