The Most Useful Tenant Improvements from an Electrical Contractor

Jun 13, 2023
The Most Useful Tenant Improvements from an Electrical Contractor

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Most Useful Tenant Improvements

As a landlord, there are many tenant-related improvements that you’re responsible for. The most useful and critical improvements involve the electrical systems. If not addressed correctly, older electrical systems and wiring can become dangerous.

The best way to handle these tenant improvements is by hiring a qualified electrical contractor. This ensures the safety of the tenants and your property. Of all the maintenance work that needs doing, this is one job you should place in the hands of a qualified and licensed professional. You should be aware of the most common improvements that electrical contractors can provide.

The Most Common and Most Useful Electrical Improvements

Energy Management Systems

Also referred to as monitoring systems, they are particularly useful in eco-friendly properties. They control and monitor all the energy-consuming devices to identify any inefficiency. A professional electrical contractor will have the knowledge to select and install a system most appropriate for your needs.

Electrical Panels

Old electrical panels need to be closely monitored and updated. It is critical for them to receive service to avoid serious problems. Wires in these panels get damaged over time which increases the risk of fire. Worn electrical panels can also cause severe shocks. Typically, new tenants will request upgrades to their electrical panels to maintain safety and energy efficiency.


One of the most common and essential tenant improvements is rewiring. Old wires overheat and spark when overloaded. Wiring that is outdated or worn increases the risk of an electrical fire.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Tenant satisfaction is improved when lighting is upgraded by installing new fittings inside and outside the property. Interior design can be enhanced with light, creating an overall pleasant ambiance and, at the same time, increasing efficiency. Improving exterior lighting not only makes the place of residence more inviting but also increases safety at night.

Surge Protectors

Electrical surges may only last a fraction of a second, but they can badly damage or destroy appliances. A common request of tenants is to make sure all their electrical devices are protected from electrical surges. Grounding systems are an important part of a contractor’s inspection. They make sure that the current wiring is protected from current overload. Installing a power surge protector reduces surge power.

Backup Systems

It is important to be prepared for those times when weather conditions or power grid issues result in the failure of a normally fully functional electrical power system. A contractor can install an energy backup system like a generator to provide continuous power if a system goes down.

Choose Wireman Electric for Useful Tenant Improvements

Contact Wireman Electric in Vancouver and make sure to maintain vital and useful electrical systems for your tenants. When it comes to your tenants and your property, we always think of safety first. Our team of skilled professionals can come out and inspect your site and provide you with a free estimate. We provide superior electrical services to all of Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island. You can discuss your maintenance options with us.