Christmas Holiday Electrical Safety Reminders

Dec 08, 2020
Christmas Holiday Electrical Safety Reminders

Christmas Holiday Electrical Safety Reminders

It won’t be long before Christmas sales start hitting the stores and all of those familiar tunes begin streaming out of your radios. There are countless things to look forward to about the holiday season, not the least of which are the decorations that bring joy to homes and neighbourhoods across the country. As a leading provider of electrical services in Vancouver – specializing in residential electrical installation, commercial electric lighting, LED lighting upgrades, electric repair, electrical improvements, lighting installation, and more – we get as excited about the holidays as anyone. This season, as you prepare to add a little more flair to your home electrical system, heed the word of a trusted electric company and decorate cautiously. The added draw and risk associated with Christmas lighting installation should not be taken lightly. Our team of licensed electricians has a few safety reminders as we approach the holiday season.

Outdoor Lighting and Decorations

Some of the biggest holiday home electrical highlights are outdoor decorations. From lighting installation on your roof or eaves to fully adorned trees and lawn decorations, there is no shortage of options to spread holiday cheer using your home’s exterior. When decorating, be sure to use ground fault outlets and be cautious not to overload them. The ground fault outlets will help protect your home electrical system and avoid forcing you to contact any emergency electricians.

When you are hanging lights outdoors, be extra cautious when using ladders. Additionally, lay extension cords in a way that prevents tripping hazards. When choosing lights themselves, be sure to use ones rated for outdoor use.

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Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a holiday staple, and for many, it simply would not feel like the holidays without them. Be sure to set your tree a safe distance away from any burning candles, fireplaces, or heaters. If you have a live tree, keep it watered, so it doesn’t become too dry and extra flammable. When decorating your tree with lights, make sure your light strands are fully functioning and do not have any loose wires. Always remember that Christmas lights generate heat. As such, you should avoid having them on all day; do not leave them on when no one is around. LED lights provide a safer alternative to traditional Christmas lights.

Holiday Parties

Christmas parties are another staple of the holiday season, but they can also pose considerable home electrical risks. During these celebrations, be cautious not to overload your circuits. Additionally, be careful not to leave candles burning long after a party has finished, and make sure your many decorations don’t create tripping hazards for guests!

Christmas is right around the corner, and the licensed electricians at Vancouver’s top electric company couldn’t be more excited. There is plenty of holiday magic to look forward to but, as home electrical professionals, we get especially excited to check out the many different decorations and light displays around town. If you would like some more Christmas safety tips or perhaps require an electric repair, LED lighting upgrade, or other electric services before the busy holiday season, give Wireman Electric a call today. Our passionate team is always eager to help!