Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

Apr 12, 2021
Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

The world is slowly coming to grips with climate change and the effects that people have on it. While many of the issues are much larger scale than an individual, there are things you can do to help. As one of the premier Vancouver electrical services providers, our residential electrician team feels an obligation to teach our customers about the benefits of energy-efficient lighting. Lighting upgrades are one of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your home’s electrical services – from bulb choice to fixture installation – and our residential electrical installation team is always ready to help. Unsure about the benefits of energy-efficient lighting? Continue reading to discover more!


Cost Efficiency

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of energy-efficient lighting is the money it can save you in the long run. In short, incandescent bulbs require much more energy consumption than LED or CFL alternatives. No residential electrician should argue this fact. While the difference may be small in one light fixture, the cost savings truly start to add up when you complete a full LED lighting upgrade with your residential electrician.

LED/CFL Bulbs are More Stable

LED and CFL bulbs are better constructed to deal with extreme temperatures, weather swings, and outdoor use. Whereas incandescent bulbs have a tendency to break in extreme temperatures, LED and CFL bulbs are much more stable. Further LED and CFL bulbs produce less heat – which translates to more cost savings in the hot summer months.

Increased Lifespans

Another measurable benefit of energy-efficient bulbs is their lifespan. While these bulbs do cost a bit more upfront, you will find yourself replacing them far less. In fact, their lifespan can be one to many years longer than a standard incandescent bulb. This, in turn, will save you money while also saving on excess trash and waste.

Lessen your Environmental Impact

All of the above benefits play into the one big item we should all strive for: lessening our environmental impact. Consuming less power in your home equates to reducing your carbon footprint on a global scale, and reducing the trash you produce by going through incandescent bulb after incandescent bulb helps on a more local scale!

Whether you are in need of more energy efficiency tips, electrical repair, residential electrical services, or an LED lighting upgrade Wireman Electric has you covered. Our team of residential electricians is the best in the business and we offer the most affordable electrical contractor rates in all of Vancouver. Give us a call today for more tips, to request a quote, or to schedule an appointment – we’re always eager to help.