5 Residential Uses for LED Strip Lighting

Aug 25, 2022
5 Residential Uses for LED Strip Lighting

You probably know that LED light bulbs can simultaneously brighten your rooms and lower your electrical bill. But have you thought about using LED strip lighting to upgrade the lighting experience in your home?

For years, interior designers have relied on LED strip lighting to enhance office spaces, chain stores, and hotels. More recently, this particular LED lighting upgrade has become a popular feature in residential settings.

Contractors and homeowners alike love LED strip lighting because it has a variety of uses and it’s easy to install. The product itself is simple: individual LED bulbs secured to strong, elastic adhesive tape. These strips are typically available in lengths or on a roll, making it very customizable for the installer. Moreover, as a homeowner, you can choose from a range of hues and colours. It all depends on the mood you want to set!

So, where do homeowners commonly use LED strip lighting?

In the Kitchen

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the poor lighting under your cabinets, you’ll appreciate the difference that LED strips will deliver. In the past, licensed electricians have tackled this problem with fluorescent lighting. However, LED strips are clearly the superior option: they can be trimmed to the precise length your space needs while also distributing the light more evenly. (Not to mention LED lighting’s lower electrical cost.)

Shelving Units

Similarly, bookshelves and display shelves have plenty of nooks and crannies that seem to collect darkness. If you want to emphasize that family heirloom vase or merely make it easier to find the book you’re looking for, short LED strips are a great way to unobtrusively illuminate your shelves.

Out of the Way Spots

Do you have a dark hideaway beneath your stairs? Or a little niche off the hallway that isn’t well-served by your potlights? A full-light fixture would look awkward and potentially disrupt your design. With LED strips, you can light up these spaces without going to the effort of installing an awkwardly placed light fixture.

Around the Bar

LED strips can transform your home bar from an apparent afterthought to a warm, inviting hangout. Whether you want to showcase your entire bottle collection or just highlight some of your special favourites, this LED lighting upgrade will provide the ambience you’re looking for.

Workshops and Play Spaces

Perhaps your home office lighting wasn’t designed for the desk you currently have. Or maybe you can’t help squinting at your shop bench as you work on your latest hobby project. In both cases, LED strips can bring you the light you need right where you need it – all without requiring an extensive renovation.

If you want to find out how LED lighting strips can upgrade your home, Wireman Electric’s team of licensed electricians is here to help. We deliver residential electrical services throughout Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Contact us today to share your project vision. We’d love to provide you with a free quote so you can make it a reality.