Restaurant and Pub Lighting

Restaurant and Pub Lighting

Our electricians at Wireman Electric LTD have decades of experience working in various commercial buildings.  Over the course of our team’s different careers, we are consistently learning new things about trends in the world of commercial lighting.  While styles are always changing, one thing has remained the same. Lighting in restaurants and pubs is absolutely essential in helping create the ambiance that your establishment is hoping to embrace, and we are regularly approached about restaurant lighting upgrades, pub lighting upgrades, bar lighting upgrades, and commercial lighting upgrades in general.  If your establishment has been around for awhile, or perhaps you have become the new owner of an older building, it may be time to consider a restaurant lighting upgrade or bar lighting upgrade for yourself. Thankfully for you, our team at Wireman Electric LTD has seen it all in terms of lighting installation in these types of businesses. As you begin to explore lighting upgrade options, there are countless things to consider.

Lighting can say a lot about your restaurant or bar, and ultimately it is up to you to decide what impression you are going for.  In general, you can break your lighting upgrade into three components: ambient lighting (the building’s main source of light), task lighting (which allows for people to function), and accent light (to add extra ambiance to your space).  Updating any or all of these is a great way to begin a restaurant lighting upgrade, but it doesn’t stop there. From here, you can start to consider how light or dark you want your establishment, how you may want the intensity of your lighting to change over the course of your operating hours, and how any restaurant or pub lighting upgrade may compliment or hinder natural light sources in your establishment.  Clearly there is a lot to think about, but thankfully the experts at Wireman Electric LTD are here for you.

Allow our team to take a look at your restaurant or pub space and make some recommendations for how you can best improve your lighting situation.  Over time, every establishment needs a lighting upgrade. If that time is now, don’t hesitate and give the professionals at Wireman Electric LTD a call today to see how we can help.  



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